Stopwattch is a personal energy meter app to help you understand the exact energy use of common household appliances and electronics. Pick an item, start the energy calculator, and either stop it after the usage or skip ahead with the +M (minute) or +H (hour) buttons. It also helps you understand the environmental impact of each appliance or object used.

Want to know how much energy use to make a cup of coffee? Stopwattch, the personal energy meter, has you covered. Curious to the electricity costs each time you run the dishwasher? Stopwattch is the app for you, and it is free to download our energy use Stopwattch on all Apple and Google phones and tablets.

One great new feature on Stopwattch is the ability to measure the electricity costs in charging an electric vehicle, like the Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt. Measure the electricity cost to charge the car one night, and make sure to take advantage of annual electricity cost and tree energy use estimates at the bottom of the app to plan your year ahead. Don't have an electric vehicle yet? Well, just use the app to compare the electricity cost of ownership of an EV compared to your energy use of your current gasoline car.

What is eco friendly in your home and business is unique, and the energy cost of each home is unique. Take the time to use our personal energy meter with many home items, appliances, and electronics. We love feedback, and appreciate entries into the "custom" product feature. We use this information to improve our energy calculator in the future.

Try out the app above or download in the Stopwattch - Verde Sustainable Solutions, L3C