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Product and Warehouse Lead  

job description

The Product/Warehouse Lead will be responsible for maintaining our current products, and researching new products, and warehouse logistics.


  • Maintain relationships with current vendors, and seek out relationships with prospective vendors.
  • Research the market for more cost-effective products.
  • Effectively plan and forecast products needed based on closed deals and sales.
  • Obtain project's Scope of Work (SOW) with correct counts and other pertinent information from sales as soon as possible to ensure all products are in stock so projects can be scheduled in a timely manner.
  • Prepare and put materials together from SOW for all upcoming jobs.
  • Keep track of all placed orders, and assist the accounting department with all price checks.
  • Check-up on purchase orders as needed and resolve any issues within the ordering process.
  • Take inventory and keep an accurate account on a weekly basis.
  • Keep the warehouse organized at all times and constantly find ways to improve the organization of the warehouse.
  • Keep products and SKU list updated at all times.
  • Communicate SOW to installation team lead - working closely to make sure products arrive prior to planned installation.